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Solar Panels

Save money on your electric bill by installing a residential solar power system today. Your home will be more energy efficient and you'll reduce carbon emissions in the process!

Backup Power System

When power outage happens, a battery back up will keep your power on. As a trusted Solar Panel company, we also provide backup power system for you.

Mounting Systems

At Stamina Solar, we can design your solar ground mounting system can be designed with ground screw, pile-driven, concrete block foundation. In addition to that, Stamina Solar can provide you carbon steel solar structure and aluminum as an option when you need.

System Components

There are 47 solar panels and 564 different combinations, to make the right choice for your family and business, we understand how hard it is to evaluate what system will work best for you. Let Stamina Solar do it for you!

Switching to solar guarantees you a great return on your investment

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